Social Media Management, is the modern key to your business brand. It is a part of digital promotional Management of a company.   When you are engaged in the real practical ground, that experiences & achievements, build your company brand in the ground. And when you sell, all those experiences and achievements, in different social pages or another different online platform, you eventually build a social brand too. 

For business growth, you need to have both, the practical reputation,  and, a social reputation. 

Nexus Promotional Management is a social media agency in New York, helps you to build your social reputation, in line with your practical field reputation. 


What is Social Reputation? 

Social reputation refers to social media-based popularity and activity. For a company, Social reputation that is widely seen by social users, like facebook, youtube, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or google.

Only because, when a customer, or potential client, will visit, one of these pages, they can examine the company profile by the page activity too. Based on the contents, the visitors can calculate how well managed you are!  So the companies nowadays try to reach to their clients through different media, like these social media pages. These are the places, where you can present all your glories and activities, in such a way, that, one can easily understand your professionalism and smartness.  


How does  an active and smart social media page can benefit your business:

  • Social activity or updates create brand loyalty to people.  
  • By social media activity, you can knock to the people you want
  • By social media activity, customers/client can get an update about you, before contacting you or you contact them for work.
  • By Social Media page, you can present your company works so effectively that a client gets a clear view about your service.
  • By social media presence, you can make a deal more easily on the deal table, because your potential client can study you prior to proceed on any negotiation. 


Let’s have some ideas on different social media tools. 

  • Facebook 

Facebook is the biggest platform with nearly 2.8 billion users every day. One beautiful video at Facebook can be reached to millions of people, by which your name brand can be reached to millions of people.  we can manage your page, in such a way that can be reached to thousands of general user. And, hundreds of target people you want to show your activity. 

  • YouTube 

Youtube is the most effective video marketing platform in this world. Nearly 1.8 billion people watch youtube everyday. All the videos are made for Facebook, can be posted, equally into the Youtube account. Besides, any presentation, company profile, event documentation, client testimonial, project video documentation, or, other visual presentation can be stored on youtube.

Why YouTube posting is Important? 

An effective youtube account is the prerequisite of google business brand, because, it increases the overall S.E.O, means search engine optimization. 

One reason might be, Google is a partner company of youtube. And people do use google for any kind of searching on online. 

For example, if anybody searches your company name on google, and,  you have an active youtube account where videos are there to describe your work, the search engine can easily find you there.  And thus instead of only one web address, one can find your presence in many items. 

  • Tweeter

Nearly a billion people tweets every day. Twitter posts are short in nature but you can easily attach the youtube video link or blog link with your tweet. The study shows,  busy and workaholic people are more attached tweets. It saves time at the same time and connection with people more smartly.  

  • Linkedin

Linkedin predominately used by the professionals who want to connect with other professionals. If your company deals with engineers, designer, architects, builder, construction inspectors, investor, real estate companies, it is a wonderful way to reach directly to your clients.  Like facebook and youtube, here you can create regular posts that can be reachable to thousands of professionals who have interests in buildings and engineering. On extra on these, you can post job opportunity to this site so that the page activity can reach to many hundreds of people. 

  • Instagram.

It is an associated platform on Facebook.  But this platform is heavily used by fashion lovers,  beauty lovers, nature lovers. Instagram posts are different from Facebook posts. It has a different file format and video format.