There are half a hundred search engines. You only listed on google. How others will find you?  Or, you have a website, but you don’t find it in one click in the Google Search? Or, your site is behind of many thousands of lists. It is a frustrating fact for any types of growing business or service.  

Read carefully to see how is online management and what are the feature matters in that porcess


  • Google Business Page: Google Reviews, Regular Photo/Video Posts/ Google Ads

If you have already listed your business to Google, that’s good news. Now it is our duty to regular updates on google page so that the search engines can find you easily. 

Managing the Google business page means, managing your reputation on the web. We can hunt ‘Google Reviews’ on behalf of you. If there are bad reviews, we can balance that with positive reviews.

Google reviews can expand or destroy your business brand. Many people, especially the young generation heavily depends on google reviews before taking any decision.

Updated regular activities or photos, or videos on google page, can greatly expose your service to many thousands of people. 


  • Site Enlisting:  Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Manta, Marchen Circle to hundreds…

For expanding your site visibility on the web, you need to enlist your business to hundreds of local search sites. Or you could find that your business has been already enlisted with wrong pieces of information. That’s bad for business reputation. Who is taking care of your business reputation on the Web? 

Nexus manages your business on the web so that you can be found everywhere.


Web Blog Marketing : Content Marketing/Blog Promotions/SEO

A blog is an important tool in the SEO process.  Blog write up and the news article is different from the social pages, but they are interrelated.  One blog article can accommodate the company name many times. These names increase the Google SEO (name pop up in search) dramatically.  For example, If your one is a construction company, we can produce articles on construction safety, buildings myth, mega construction project etc.  Where we can easily put your company name and interviews. So whoever read that article, can hear your company name and works. That’s called ‘inject’ marketing.


  • Mail Marketing 

Mail communication an obvious way of communication for a company or service provider. 

Along with regular work mail, you can send mail to thousands of known & unknown account as a form of mail marketing. How you can use this tool? Again, we need to use the youtube video or facebook post links for mail marketing.  Just copy the video link and send to thousands of people you want to connect with your business and services. 

Nexus Assist you spreading your business through the web. Call us and see how we can assist your IT team.