Nexus services designed for one stop solution for all of your promotional needs.

NexSocial is dedicated reputation  management service designed by Promotional Management LLC. Based in New York,  the agency expands your brand through effective social and online tools. 

We manage your corporate social pages such as Facebook, YouTube, google, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram pages with promotional videos and posts. Thus we enhance your business/service social value, which ultimately increases your brand reputation. social reputation can bring businesses indirectly. 

We are powered with 10 years plus experiences with advertising and broadcast media productions. We have shown our capacity by serving many local, ethnic community based, or giant corporate companies in New York.   Please feel free to ask us any further questions on how we can spread your reputation through our social and online assistance. 


  • Nexus expands your business on the social platforms – For business growth, you need to have both, the practical reputation,  and, a social reputation.
  •  Nexus helps you spreading on the web  – There are hundreds of search engine and you probably listed only in google business page.  That’s all? what are the other ways people can find you?
  • Nexus produce & promote through Visuals – The most effective way to showcase your works and events on the social and online platforms, is a video presentation. Your success, projects, events, and mission can be presented to millions.
  • Nexus is your Design & Publication assistant – On Christmas Eve you need to send your clients a greeting card at least via email. For each client or project, you need to send a different proposal look, so that they can feel special. At the end of the year, you may need to send a yearbook via mail or email. From occasional greetings to formal publication, we assist you on your needs.
  • Nexus for upgrading/building your interactive Websites – For 80 percent cases people doesn’t look your website for offering you a business or service. For the rest 20 percent? What if, one of them is your potential client? An interactive website with regular updates can bring your business.


We link-up business pages  in such a way, that a visitor can easily jump into one to another platforms. For example, from Facebook one can easily visit your YouTube page to get more information. Also, we produce videos where, we present the company’s work, focus projects. We produce client testimonial videos and graphical presentation of achievements of past and present. For promotional purposes, we create and  flyers or posters on various occasions. We also produce blog posts, which is not a direct company advertisement, but, indirectly spread the company name in different online platforms. We generate likes, reviews, and subscription of the pages, that means, followers of your works. On behalf of you the company, we engage and interact, with followers to make the business more interactive with the clients.