Social media manager


Make an attractive Facebook or Linkedin business page. On top of that, manage your Instagram, Twitter pages & set up a Youtube channel to exponentially grow your client base.

Choose the Ultimate Social Platform for you to Grow and Lead

If you are already operating in the social media, you can make it a lead generation tool. Update your daily developments and by the way, interact with your potential clients. NexSocial is a unique service to expand your business or services to social platforms.

Facebook - The No.1 Social Media

Nearly 3 Billion People use Facebook every day. Reach your business to them with Nexus.

Instagram - Trendy Photo and Video Sharing Social

American Youths are heavily attached to Instagram in their everyday life. Reach them with Nexus.

Twitter - Small Message Interacting Social Platform

Even Donald Trump knows how to become president with a Twitter account! Over 1 billion people use it every day. Reach your business updates to them with Nexus.

Linkedin - The Networking & Job Searching Social

Millions of Professionals depends on their LinkedIn profile. Reach your business to them with Nexus.

Pinterest -

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YouTube - The Biggest and Fast Growing Video Sharing Website

Nearly 2.5 Billion people watch youtube everyday. Make a marketing video, build your business channel and reach to billions with Nexus.

We Manage your Social Pages Professionally


Organic Traffic



Content Strategy

Ready To Make an Impact ?

How we manage your social pages ? Think you have a regular employee in your office, who will perform the following works.


Facebook Marketing
Video Marketing
Business Page Set Up
Cover Page
Cover Video
Occasional/Weekly Post Creation
Company Video Post/Service & Product Description
Target Boosting
Page Verification
Event Creation


Facebook Marketing
Video Marketing
Business Page Set Up
Cover Page
Cover Video


Account Creation
Cover Page
Channel Set up
Social Media & Web Link Up
Video Shoot & Edit
Subscriber Generation
Video Upload & SEO
Youtube Video Marketing
Subscriber Engagements


Business Page set up
Insta-Size Post Creation
Instagram Video Post
Regular updates
Follower Marketing
Instagram Marketing


Business Page Creation
Page Posting
Business through Twitter


Business Page Set up
Employee Connection
Industry Connection Build up
Linking up updates
Occasional/Weekly posting
Company/Service/Product Video Posting
Target Boosting
Lead Generation through connections

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