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Still you depends on the boring long text post? Try videos, Because it can describe you best. Easily & Smartly. Sign with nexus to produce your marketing videos.

Shoot, Edit, Upload & Expand

How we manage your social pages ? Think you have a regular employee in your office, who will perform the following works.

Video Production Services

Company Portfolio
Idea Visualization
Visual Testimony
Product Video
Event’s Documentation
Client’s Testimony
Business Grow Tips
Project Documentation
Industry Awareness Video
Monthly Visual Bulletin
Logo Animation
3D Animation Video
WhiteBoard Presentation
Explainer Video
Marketing Video

Shoot Your Wish

Project/ Product Video
Service Descriptional Video
Facebook Promo Video
Viral Video Marketing
Youtube Video Contents
Event Shoot/Edit
Pre-Post Event Promotion Video
Visual Biography
Web Welcoming Video

Photography Services

Corporate Shoot
Project Profile

Record a Green Screen Video !

Walk in to our Manhattan studio to shoot your wish. Record a greens screen video to tell your product/service story for the social media usage !

Manhattan Headshot is a fully equipped green screen video recording service near your reach. Just write your marketing ideas and give us your product or service details. We can produce a 30 sec to 60-sec long marketing video to meet the marketing needs.

Corporate Headshot - get a better look

LinkedIn / Facebook / Website / Instagram

Recruiters spend 19% of their time on your online profile by looking at your picture. This means that your picture is as important as your past experiences and skills in getting a recruiter’s attention to call you. Therefore, be careful when choosing your profile picture. Below you can find other important points of choosing the right profile picture. 
Pricing & Others: Manhattan Headshot

Build a Youtube Channel !

An effective youtube account is the prerequisite of google business brand, because, it increases the overall S.E.O, means search engine optimization. 

One reason might be, Google is a partner company of youtube. And people do use google for any kind of searching online. 

For example, if anybody searches your company name on google, and you have an active youtube account where videos are there, the search engine can find you easily. 

We have built Many successful youtube channels through NEXUS.

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