Difference Between Socially Managed/Not Managed

Today’s Businesses are unique and different due to its multi-dimensional approaches and opportunities. Even a small business initiative can be a successful business model, while the older initiatives are struggling in competition. This happening because, business success toady mostly depends on google/Facebook/you tube reviews and the overall reputation management systems. That’s way people are asking the internet to know about a product and service, before they ask any Friends.

A good business entrepreneur always thinks how he can run side by side with the modern trend and approach. That keeps them energy to fight with odds and difficulties for a smooth run.

We help businesses to grow, through a vibrant social reputation management activity. The social management can be done on different platforms, such as Facebook Page Management, YouTube Account Management, Instagram or even Tweeter account. Not all, but primarily, a good business model today obviously needs at least Facebook and a YouTube promotional system. We work on that within your promotion budget.

For Managing a successful digital marketing approach, first, you need to manage your corporate social pages. Here is the example of how a simple showroom based business can rule the market. I took the example of B&H’s company business page.

B&H Social Page:

1. Verified Page


3. Reviews

4.Check in

5.Massage Response rate

Here are the good things of B& H as a electronic device seller, they have continuesly maintained their product specification and product documentation. Look some photos:

They have hundreds of videos in their facebook page. When ever any new and trendy product coming in, they are making a product profile and spreading to its clients through different medias. Suppose, when ever people search for a digital note book, they are going to FB page, or google or Youtube to watch it first, And many times people are getting right reviews on B&H yutube/Facebook Pages


First of all, it is appreciated that this company also running a corporate Facebook page and a youtube channel as well. But I found some points where you need to improve for a better business future. The tools and techniques are open and you can do it by yourself. I will share the tools and techniques later but, first I need to talk about some issues.

The looks of your business page look like similar but hundreds of room there needs to be improved. Look Carefully about the pictures and the gaps:

Post Upade is not regular

Response rate below standerad

Offers and Attraction are written nomally. No visual or graphical description added. As a result it didnt carry any attention to its clients.

People doing business with their verified page.

The cover photo can be replaced with high defination videos. Which would tell what the business is about and what is its capacity.

Uploaded video quality is below standerd and doesnt match with the company image.

We can be A part through some specific ways:

1. FB Social Media Management

2. Youtube Management Partner

3. Promo Videos on special Offers and Events

4. Product Profilation Works

5. Overall Social Presense Management

6. SEO

7. Review Management

8. Increase Local Sales

N.B: The management consultancy fees are below the market. We can reach to a deal to look after all the major issues like, making promotional videos for FB/YT marketing, while social page management will be an integral part.

We Look Forward to hear from you shortly. We can explain things and issues more elaborately, while we will sit together for a better business solution for the coming days.